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HR Connections BD is a leading headhunting company in Bangladesh. We have been building careers and organizations since 2006. Our determination in providing the ultimate management headhunting experience have been unparallel to our clients for which we have been able to portray ouselves as a trusted headhunting/recruitment partner for local and foreign professionals.

Over the years, we have emerged as a preferred talent acquisition partner to multinationals as well as leading Bangladeshi businesses. Industries catered include but not limited to, Apparel/ RMG, Apparel Accessories, Beverage, BPO, Building Materials, Development Organizations, e-Commerce, Financial Institutions, FMCG, Freight-Forwarding, Manufacturing, Marketing/Digital Marketing, Multinationals, Real Estate, Service-oriented organizations, Start-ups, Technology, Telecom, Tobacco, Wimax among others.

We are proud of our long standing relationship in the human resources/ head hunting industry and the fact that more than 90% of our business is in the form of repeat business from existing clients is a sheer example of the quality of work we do. We have helped shape the careers of over 1000 mid to senior level professionals over our 13 year history.

As a management executive search firm, we specialize in recruitment of mid and senior management level professionals, using a unique approach and a detailed work methodology to provide the desired candidate to businesses.


Dr. M. Mosharraf Hossain, Chairman and Founder, registered Rapport Bangladesh Ltd in January 1972 with the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies, merely a month after Bangladesh gained independence. During the decade of the 1970’s and 80’s, Rapport’s activities involved training and consulting projects within public corporations. During the 1990’s, with the Bangladesh economy experiencing growth in diverse sectors, there was a need for leadership training and organizational consulting for private sector conglomerates. Rapport answered the call

by organizing hundreds of training programs leveraging consultants from around the globe, as well as executing tailored consulting projects for these companies. Some of their prominent clients included Unilever, Reckitt Benkiser, ACI, Square, Beximco, Chevron, among others (full list available at www.rapportbd.com/clients). At the turn of the century, Rapport added head hunting and staffing services to their ever growing list of services. As a result of his outstanding contributions to the Bangladesh Management industry, Dr. M. Mosharraf Hossain received many accolades and several high-profile awards. Dr. M. Mosharraf Hossain authored several books in the areas of management and human resources; and was also a regular full-time faculty at several private universities.

In 2006, HR Connections was setup as a subsidiary of Rapport Bangladesh Ltd to handle recruitment, staffing and other HR consulting projects. The company was led by Tarek Hossain, who had returned from Canada to take charge of the business. During the next few years, the company would go on to work with some of the leading MNCs and National Conglomerates in the country. Till date, HR Connections have placed 1000+ mid to senior-level professionals, held several high-profile staffing/ outsourcing contracts and conducted a good number of compensation and benefits benchmarking surveys.

The Management Team

Late Dr. M. Mosharraf Hossain

Chairman at Rapport Bangladesh Limited

Tarek Hossain

Founder, HR Connections BD and HR Connexions Canada

Nafis Ahmad

Managing Partner, HR Connections BD

Zubair B. A. Siddiky

Managing Partner, HR Connections BD


Our Principles

Our clients, job-seeking professionals and our colleagues are our primary concern; therefore, we strive for honesty, transparency and accountability every day, towards our colleagues, stakeholders and the society

Our Mission

To be one of the most trusted headhunters in Bangladesh for organizations and professionals

Our Core Values

To keep the interests of both our clients and candidates

To meet our responsibilities towards our stakeholders and committed to provide quality service

To protect data of job-seeking professionals and client company and ensure they are handled with complete confidentiality

Our Vision

To cultivate a sense of mutual trust, respect and integrity with all our stakeholders through long term commitments and utmost professionalism

To reach operational excellence through quality service and on time delivery

To maintain confidentiality and the highest standards of ethics in all our actions

Our Services

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A successful placement simply translates into anticipating the need for human talent and meeting it. Our core business is Management Executive Search and we execute it dedicatedly by adopting a fundamentally unique approach that takes into account the market scenario to the extent of the talent available in the industry. However, failure in getting the right fit or the most compatible professional have often been a cause of concern for most organizations. As economic outlooks are changing drastically and businesses are thriving and getting more competitive, it is imperative and equally challenging for organizations in getting the right team to excel and meet their objectives. As such, we come to the fore and try to make relevant connections between the right people and the right organizations saving valuable time for the organization to headhunt, reducing recruitment cost and increasing their choice of candidates while maintaining confidentiality and improving employer branding.

For a win-win placement success, our objective remains not just in finding the best person for the job which will meet our client’s expectation, but also ensure that the job is in the best interest of the candidate.

While headhunting Management Executives, it is not only significant for us to look out for certain qualifications, experience and competencies required in a position, but equally important to understand that once a professional join their future employer, they are able to bond well, deliver desired results and add value by adopting to the organization’s culture and values within the shortest possible time.

Our unique business acumen and a systematic process in searching the right professionals outrightly give us an upperhand to offer our clients with candidates of high caliber. However, developing an understanding of the organization, their expectations and also being able to use our extensive database not only helps us generate more resources but we believe is crucial for the successful placements and the careers we have made and built.

  • HR Connections BD

    Best In Services

Recruitment Process

Client provides job description, candidate specification and relevant requirement of the position which enables us to search, shortlist and conduct phone interview of prospective candidates; clients undergo their own assessment from our shortlist.

  • HR Connections BD

    Best In Services

Candidate Search

Candidate search involves us to undertake a targeted search and a database review based on the qualifications, experience and competencies required for the position. We then develop the target industries, geographies and companies in which we ultimately search prospects.

Our Clients

Our Team

Management Executive recruitment is the process of finding and hiring professionals to fill top-level positions in an organization. In such recruitments, the aim is to find and hire a professional ranging from Manager, Senior Managers to General Managers, Directors, Chief Executive Officers and similar high-level professionals most commonly termed as C-suite executives. Finding and hiring competent C-level personnel for an organization is very crucial as it boils down to the business end – the candidate’s inclusion can either make or break the overall success of the business. Being a leading Management Executive search firm in the country, we understand what it takes to be an avid player in a challenging and highly competitive market. Attracting and hiring talented professionals require a strong thought-out and strategic process; however each of our team member have acted as an exceptional stimuli in attracting and hiring talented professionals and driving our business with increasing growth rate thus helping us achieve what we have achieved so far.

As the job market is ever-changing and challenging, our talented colleagues continuously emphasize on creating value and assure trust through quality client service while building careers for professionals. Our intelligent, well planned and thoroughly prepared colleagues have successfully placed several hundreds of professionals from mid level to the senior most levels with the highest attention and priority, paving the way towards our greatest success story so far. As such, we try to ensure that each of our colleagues is equally valuable to us and make it imperative to create a friendly, comfortable environment and an ever-learning opportunity for a great career.

Great people create a strong organizational culture and put an organization in a position to succeed. Such has been our case as our colleagues have always been one step ahead from the competition in identifying quality professionals to make a mark for us as one of the most prominent headhunters in Bangladesh.

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